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Store Setup

  • Build or redesign store

    Get your store up-and-running, with options ranging from basic theme setup to customising of premium themes

  • Migrate migration

    Move your existing store to Shopify

  • In-store to online setup

    Expand your sales by adding an online presence to your existing retail business

  • Custom pages and forms

    Add features to standard pages, or add custom pages or forms to your store

  • Custom cart and checkout

    Add custom features to your cart page, and provide more options to take customers to checkout

  • Currency selector

    Let customers browse and pay in their preferred currency

  • Language selector

    Create a multilingual website by letting customers browse your store in their preferred language

  • Custom navigation and search

    Customise the way that customers find your products and move around your site

  • Website access control

    Control who can view your store or parts of your website

  • Custom domain setup

    Replace your default myshopify domain with a custom domain (URL) and configure email

Product and collection setup

  • Product setup

    Add products to Shopify, including product descriptions, images, meta tags

  • Product and collection pages

    Customise the way your store displays products or collections

  • Subscription products setup

    Sell subscription-based products or memberships, and set up recurring billing and shipping processes

  • Gift cards

    Sell gift cards online as a way to continue making sales while in-person selling is less common

Custom visual elements

  • Buttons and badges

    Add buttons or badges to inspire trust, highlight products, or allow people to connect with you on social media

  • Images

    Create, edit, colour correct, optimise or process images for your store

  • Custom banners, headers, and footers

    Add new elements or change the way that banners, headers, or footers appear on your site

  • Custom fonts

    Add premium fonts from Shopify's font library, Google fonts or

  • Instagram feed

    Display a responsive Instagram widget on your home page, product pages or blog

Settings configuration

  • Payment settings configuration

    Give your customers more payment options, and offer different payment methods on your store

  • Shipping settings configuration

    Set up shipping options such as curbside pickup, local delivery, shipping zones, and shipping rates