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Shopify Services.

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    Store setup

    Create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers with a store that is well designed and easy to use.


    Store Setup

    • Build or redesign store

      Get your store up-and-running, with options ranging from basic theme setup to customising of premium themes

    • Migrate migration

      Move your existing store to Shopify

    • In-store to online setup

      Expand your sales by adding an online presence to your existing retail business

    • Custom pages and forms

      Add features to standard pages, or add custom pages or forms to your store

    • Custom cart and checkout

      Add custom features to your cart page, and provide more options to take customers to checkout

    • Currency selector

      Let customers browse and pay in their preferred currency

    • Language selector

      Create a multilingual website by letting customers browse your store in their preferred language

    • Custom navigation and search

      Customise the way that customers find your products and move around your site

    • Website access control

      Control who can view your store or parts of your website

    • Custom domain setup

      Replace your default myshopify domain with a custom domain (URL) and configure email

    Product and collection setup

    • Product setup

      Add products to Shopify, including product descriptions, images, meta tags

    • Product and collection pages

      Customise the way your store displays products or collections

    • Subscription products setup

      Sell subscription-based products or memberships, and set up recurring billing and shipping processes

    • Gift cards

      Sell gift cards online as a way to continue making sales while in-person selling is less common

    Custom visual elements

    • Buttons and badges

      Add buttons or badges to inspire trust, highlight products, or allow people to connect with you on social media

    • Images

      Create, edit, colour correct, optimise or process images for your store

    • Custom banners, headers, and footers

      Add new elements or change the way that banners, headers, or footers appear on your site

    • Custom fonts

      Add premium fonts from Shopify's font library, Google fonts or

    • Instagram feed

      Display a responsive Instagram widget on your home page, product pages or blog

    Settings configuration

    • Payment settings configuration

      Give your customers more payment options, and offer different payment methods on your store

    • Shipping settings configuration

      Set up shipping options such as curbside pickup, local delivery, shipping zones, and shipping rates

  • Content writing

    Engage customers with professionally written content that brings customers to your site and gets them excited about your products.


    Content writing

    • Product descriptions

      Persuade visitors to buy with compelling descriptions for product features and benefits

    • Website content

      Create website content that tells your brand story through landing pages, about us pages, faq’s, and more

    • Blog posts

      Build an audience and bring more traffic to your site through compelling content

    • Press releases

      Attract publicity by creating product and brand announcements for distribution to news media outlets

    • Email marketing content

      Capture your subscriber's attention and increases sales conversions through compelling email content

    • Content review and consultation

      Get targeted guidance on how to build or improve the written content on your site

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    Marketing and sales

    Attract customers to your site and drive sales through effective marketing techniques.


    Email marketing

    • Email campaign software

      Communicate with your audience through email marketing with software that integrates directly to your Shopify store

    • Add signup forms

      Grow your audience by creating customisable signup forms, pop-ups, slideouts and bars that build your subscriber list

    • Email campaign builder

      Drag-and-drop email builder so you can create great beautifully designed targeted newsletters with ease.

    • Custom email templates

      Make your messages stand out with custom email templates with flexible pre-defined designs and layouts.

    • Set up email automation

      Save time by sending messages to your subscribers at scheduled times or based on triggers

    Marketing and sales

    • Sales channel setup and optimisation

      Set up and configure one or more sales channels so you can start selling through social media, through mobile apps, and in person (Shopify POS)

    Conversion rate optimisation

    • Add quick-checkout to your online store

      Reduce cart abandonment by sending visitors directly to the checkout using a quick checkout button on product pages

    • Show recommended products

      Increase order size by adding product recommendations to your product or cart pages

    • Setup a loyalty program

      Encourage repeat customers by offering rewards and building brand loyalty

  • Guidance and troubleshooting

    Get advice on your business, your store, your email marketing activities or resolve technical issues affecting your site.


    Expert guidance

    • Store setup and design guidance

      Get recommendations for improving your store setup, such as optimising your collections, installing recommended apps, and other steps to get ready for selling

    • Visual design and store branding guidance

      Get recommendations for improving your store design, including visual appeal and ease of navigation

    • Email marketing guidance

      Get advice and recommended strategies for building email lists, setting up email campaigns, and choosing apps or other tools for effective marketing


    • App installation

      Add additional functionality by installing and configuring Shopify apps